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What is Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence (ΑΙ) is the science behind intelligent agents, i.e., software and hardware systems, which receive stimuli from their operating environment and react to these stimuli, trying to maximize the probability of achieving certain goals. AI aims at the development of artificial systems, which mimic the cognitive functions of human brain, such as learning and problem solving.


Why should I specialize in Artificial Intelligence?
In the last five years, and especially since 2015, AI has known an impressive growth. Big companies, such as Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. continuously invest in new intelligent technologies (e.g., speech search) and release new products, which exhibit intelligent behavior (e.g., smart house applications, autonomous unmanned vehicles). Meanwhile, a significant boost in funding of AI and Robotics research projects is observed worldwide. Consequently, the demand for AI specialists has increased in both the domestic and the international market. This ever increasing demand is expected to attain a peak in the forthcoming 5 to 10 years. According to the latest estimations by Gartner Inc., AI is expected to create 2.3 million jobs until 2020.


Which is the Postgraduate Studies Program (PSP) goal?
The PSP goal is to prepare specialists in AI through high-level training and to promote the research in AI, so that program graduates pursuit relevant careers in the public and private sectors of the economy and successfully fill-in openings in high-tech companies, knowledge-intensive industries, research institutes, and universities.


Which is the duration of the program?
The postgraduate program requires successful completion of 8 courses in the first two semesters, evenly distributed between the semesters, as well as the completion of a thesis during the third semester for full-time studies. The course subjects and thesis topic are chosen by the students.

Are part-time studies accommodated?
There is option for part-time studies under certain terms.


What courses are offered in the program?

Autumn Semester (4 elective courses)

Spring Semester (4 elective courses)

Introduction to Machine Learning Language Technology
Semantic Web Advanced Topics in Machine Learning
Intelligent Autonomous Systems – Robotics Agents
Computer Vision Deep Learning and Multimedia Data Analysis
Computational Intelligence – Statistical Learning Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence
Biosignal Analysis – Neuroinformatics Planning, Scheduling, and Constraint Satisfaction
Games and Artificial Intelligence


Who are the program tutors?


Who can apply?

  • Graduates of Informatics, Computer Engineering and Computer Science Departments in Greece
  • Graduates of Applied Science and Engineering Faculty Departments with strong background in Informatics/Computer Science
  • Graduates of other University or Technical Educational Institute Departments offering Informatics/Computer Science courses
  • Graduates of equivalent and related Departments from abroad

What are the evaluation criteria?

  • Great point average, relevance of the B.Sc. degree, and transcript
  • Success in personal interview, evaluation of candidate’s CV, and ranking among his/her classmates
  • Language skills

Complementary criteria

  • Research/professional activity
  • Publications


Which is the cost of the PSM?
The total cost is 600€ per semester for full-time studies.

Details concerning qualification criteria, documents, application submission procedure, candidate evaluation, and the Internal Regulation of the PSM will be uploaded on upon program approval by the Ministry of Education, Research, and Religious Affairs.

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